About Us

LEBSC S.r.l. is an innovative company specializing in advanced environmental solutions. Founded in 2013 by Prof. Roveri, LEBSC leverages over 40 years of academic research from the University of Bologna. Our expertise lies in the purification of air and water, and the denaturation of asbestos using cutting-edge nano and biotechnologies.

Our Technology

Our flagship products, NanoWash and DerivAir, utilize UV radiation to perform photocatalysis, significantly reducing pollutants. These systems mimic natural photosynthesis to clean industrial wastewater and air without using harmful chemicals.

Our Mission

LEBSC is committed to environmental sustainability and innovation. We continuously strive to develop new technologies to address pressing environmental issues, ensuring cleaner air and water for future generations.

About Norberto Roveri

Prof. Norberto Roveri is a distinguished scientist and founder of LEBSC S.r.l. With a rich academic background, he has dedicated over 40 years to research at the University of Bologna. His expertise lies in biochemistry, crystallography, and nanotechnologies, focusing on environmental purification and biomimetism. Prof. Roveri has significantly contributed to the development of innovative solutions for air and water purification, and asbestos denaturation, making substantial advancements in sustainable environmental technologies. His work is recognized globally, underscoring his commitment to scientific excellence and environmental sustainability.